Lady Black Glue

  • Dry time: 1-3 seconds
  • Humidity: 50-70%
  • Temperature: 19-25 ºC
  • Retention: 4-7 weeks (depending on application & humidity/temp)
  • Fumes: Low
  • Size: 10mil
  • Made: In Korea

Lady Black is KC certified glue for eyelash extensions professionals.
Specifically designed for flexible drying time and low irritation.

Package comes with aluminium zip bag and silica gel.

Ingredient: Cyanoacrylate, black pigment, PMMA
Certificate No: B581H002-4001

Working environment: Ideally temperature: 23-25C
*1-3 seconds fast drying time at 50%-65%RH @ 24C-26C
*4-5 seconds drying time at 20%-50%RH @ 21C-23C

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